Waban offers a broad range of residential services and supports for adults with autism, intellectual/developmental, and other disabilities.  Residential program users reside in a variety of community based settings including small group homes and/or individual apartments with support staff as needed. Each residential setting provides independently tailored habilitation programs which enhance each individual’s ability to integrate into the community and increase their independent living skills.

Waban’s group homes are integrated into the community and provide warm, safe, and comfortable settings for 3 – 6 adults with autism, intellectual/developmental or other disabilities. Staffed 24 hours a day and seven days a week, these homes teach/promote independent living in a community setting and provide residents with accessibility to various life skill, training, socialization and work opportunities in the community. In the evenings cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene skills with support staff as needed are promoted, as well as participating in community activities and outings.

Residential supports are also provided to individuals who are more independent in staffed individual apartments.  These settings are also fully integrated into the community and provide similar opportunities and offerings as our group homes.

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Waban administers licensed homes that house 3 – 5 adults with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of these homes is to teach/promote independent living in a community setting and to provide the residents with accessibility to various work sites in the community or at Life Works. In the evenings they work on cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene skills with support staff as needed, as well as participating in community activities and outings.

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The ISS program supports individuals who wish to live by themselves or with roommates in their own apartments in the community. Due to their high level of independence, staff support is minimal with home-based assistance available for budgeting, paying bills, balancing a checkbook, and shopping for personal and household items. Coordination of medical care/services, community integration, self-advocacy, and the building of natural supports are integral components of this program.
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Clinical and behavioral services including access to on-staff nurses and behavioral specialists are integrated into each program’s design and are individualized to meet each person’s medication, clinical care, or behavioral needs in order to maximize their potential for success in the least restrictive way. These teams, led by credentialed medical and psychological professionals, meet on a regular basis and as needed in order to proactively address the individual’s emergent or ongoing needs.

In addition, outpatient counseling and other therapies that help individuals address a variety of clinical-based challenges are also available.


This is a CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited community and center-based day rehabilitation program serving adults with intellectual disabilities.

Emphasis is placed on the uniqueness of each individual, promotion of independence through structured choice, therapeutic activities, training in life skills, community integration, and the enhancement of socialization skills.

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Therapeutic Recreation is integrated into Life Works through individual participation in outdoor activities such as skiing, rock climbing, and hiking. Individuals also participate in more expressive experiences such as art and music therapy.

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Providing Employment Services throughout southern Maine, Waban Works offers a highly experienced team with specialized skills to assist in identifying, obtaining and maintaining valuable employment opportunities-one person at a time.

We recognize the value of not just a “job” but the value of a career for individuals seeking employment. A meaningful career is something that can be elusive for a person living with a disability. We can help guide those dreams of a career and work with you to build that into a reality.

Providing customized employment or individualized competitive community job placement and employment, the Waban Works team will work diligently to find that perfect job match.  With continued support with training or ongoing coaching, the Waban Works job coaching team is ready to step in and provide that service ensuring the best success.

Our highly training and talented staff members can help individuals who happen to live with a disability with:

  • Support Transitioning From School to the Workplace,
  • Career Planning, Exploration, and Job Readiness Assessment Including Job Shadows, Trial Work Experience in Local Business. Resume Writing and Mock Interviews
  • Customized Job Development and Business Development
  • Ongoing/Long Term Support

For employers, we can connect you to services that provide:

  • Motivated and Qualified Employment Candidates
  • Support Assisting your New Employee to Learn the Tasks of the Job.
  • Tax Credit for Qualified Candidates
  • Job Analysis
  • Assistance with Identifying and Funding Assistive Technology
  • Follow Along Support and Training

For more information about our employment services or if you have questions, please call 207-324-7955 or email Waban Works via our contact page.

Are you eligible for Services?  Waban Works serves adults living with a disability including an intellectual disability, brain injury, physical, and autism, psychiatric, emotional or other disability. The individual served must have the proper funding, be interested in working toward and gaining employment but may need some assistance in identifying, finding and/or keeping a job. To be eligible for job development services the individual must be found eligible for services through Bureau of Rehabilitation Services.

How can you be referred or receive services from Waban Works?  Individuals are referred by the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, the Department of the Blind and Visually Impaired, your Community Case Manager, Individual Support Coordinator, family members or your school system.

How are services paid for?  If eligible, The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services pays for job development and time-limited job coaching. The Department of Health and Human Services funds Career Planning through the “Discovering Personal Genius” curriculum as a service under MaineCare. Work Supports are provided through MaineCare and/or the Department of Health and Human Services on-going work support program.

Service Areas:  Waban Works meets with individuals receiving services in a variety of locations throughout southern Maine. Meetings could be scheduled at our 2 convenient locations at 5 Dunaway Drive in Sanford or 102 Pleasant Street in Springvale or at a location of your choosing. Career Planning Services begin at the individual’s home and are provided primarily in community locations.

For more information about Waban Works please call 207-324-7955 or click here to send us a message via our contact page.

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