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Waban - Making a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities for over 40 years

Residential Services

 Residential Supported Living

Consumers reside in their own apartments and homes with support staff as needed. Each residential setting provides independently tailored habilitation programs which enhance each consumer’s ability to integrate into the community and increase their independent living skills. 

Residential Licensed Homes

Waban administers licensed homes that house 3 - 5 adults with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of these homes is to teach/promote independent living in a community setting and to provide the residents with accessibility to various work sites in the community or at Life Works. In the evenings they work on cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene skills with support staff as needed, as well as participating in community activities and outings. 

Residential Licensed Medical Waiver Homes

These fully accessible homes serve 4-5 residents who have multiple disabilities and high medical needs.  To view some of the special features our homes have to offer please click here.

Each resident has their own bedroom and participates in day activities that meet their own personal needs, and community outings are an important part of their programs.  A registered nurse is on staff at each home to consult with and help ensure that high quality medical services are provided.

Click here to download the Waban Residential Services Brochure (pdf format).

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Independent Support Services

Making Lunch IndependentlyThe ISS program supports individuals who wish to live by themselves or with roommates in their own apartments in the community. Due to their high level of independence, staff support is minimal with home-based assistance available for budgeting, paying bills, balancing a checkbook, and shopping for personal and household items. Coordination of medical care/services, community integration, self-advocacy, and the building of natural supports are integral components of this program.
Clinical & Behavioral Services
Clinical and behavioral services including access to on-staff nurses and behavioral specialists are integrated into each program’s design and are individualized to meet each person’s medication, clinical care, or behavioral needs in order to maximize their potential for success in the least restrictive way. These teams, led by credentialed medical and psychological professionals, meet on a regular basis and as needed in order to proactively address the individual’s emergent or ongoing needs.

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For more information about the various Residential programs please call 207-324-7955 or email Waban's Residential programs.