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Human Resources Director

Position Summary:

The Human Resources Director originates, leads, and drives Human Resources strategies, policies, and objectives that will provide a culture that emphasizes empowerment, collaboration, quality service, goal attainment, and the ongoing development of a superior workforce that will meet the Agency’s needs.

This role serves as a key leverage point in the organization, ensuring that we attract and retain the talent needed to continually enhance the service delivery of Waban. The HR Director coordinates implementation of Staff services, polices, and human capital programs through the HR Team and other contributors in a matrix environment. Position reports to the Executive Director and serves on the executive management team and assists and advises Agency managers about human capital issues.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or related field
  • 10 years of progressive supervisory/management/leadership experience
  • Team Player
  • Demonstrated compliance knowledge with Maine Employment Law/Regulations
  • SPHR, SHRM or commensurate certification/experience

General Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Human Capital Strategy
  2. Compensation and Benefits
  3. Staffing
  4. Performance Management
  5. Personnel Policies and Procedures
  6. Learning and Development
  7. Culture and Employee Relations
  8. Compliance, Record-keeping, and Knowledge Management
  9. Workplace Safety


1. Human Capital Strategy

  • Provides vision to, directs, and drives all facets of a comprehensive human resource management program for the Agency.
  • Works with Senior Leadership to ensure alignment of human capital program philosophies with business plan goals; recommends alignment of time, space, and resources (tools, people, budget) to enable implementation of human capital goals.

2. Compensation and Benefits

  • Negotiates insurance bids presented by Decides which approved insurance carriers will be allowed to present plans to agency employees. Maintains administrative contacts with the governing boards of the various benefit programs as well as plan representatives to ensure the effective delivery of current information and prompt resolution of problems associated with the various programs.
  • Oversees and administers 403b Retirement Plan including membership on Retirement Oversight Committee
  • Prepares the agency position relative to highly complex benefits
  • Drives HRIS and other systems to provide administrative ease, regulatory compliance, and outcome reporting
  • Owns and coordinates onboarding and outboarding processes including acting as centralized intake/export point for initial employee enrollment in payroll, benefit, IT access, and clinical systems as well as ongoing management of employee status in these systems
  • Directs all classification and evaluation activities for the agency. Responsible to determine employee job
  • Develops policies to direct the implementation of all discretionary authority for special pay May request consideration of new pay rules or discretion in implementation policy for existing rules.
  • Reviews salary levels and factor level assignments proposed by management or lower level staff, ensuring consistency within existing organizational
  • Determines impact of special pay issues as they relate to Agency fiscal concerns and internal pay equity. Recommends resolution of complex pay problems to Executive
  • Represents the agency and provides testimony at administrative hearings regarding controversial unemployment and worker’s compensation
  • Directs all facets of a comprehensive human resource management program for the agency. Direct supervision and oversight of HR Department staff.

3. Staffing

  • Participates in long range manpower and strategic planning for the Agency.
  • Directs and drives the Agency recruiting, selection, and placement program. Advises Agency directors of best method for filling
  • Ensures that management maintains appropriate hiring practices. Ensures supervisors are selecting and/or rejecting applications in conformance with legal requirements, particularly EEO guidelines and departmental
  • Represents the agency at meetings relative to organization of new units and reorganization of existing Proposes alternative organizational plans based on knowledge of Agency rules and policies.

4. Performance Management

  • Directs and drives the development, management, and maintenance of a performance evaluation system which effectively captures and embodies the Waban Cornerstones. Works with Senior Managers to ensure that performance standards are defined in such a way to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Operations.
  • Reviews and guides/approves disciplinary actions recommended by Supervisors. Consults with Agency’s legal counsel as needed to address issues that may have more complicated legal ramifications.

5. Personnel Policies and Procedures

  • Drives the development of new, revision of existing, and regular updating of personnel policies and procedures in order to ensure alignment of policies with organizational needs, regulatory issues, and a dynamic external environment.
  • Communicates policies and procedures to all areas of organization using multiple platforms such as meetings, email, HRIS, SharePoint, and focused training sessions as the individual needs dictate.

6. Learning and Development

  • Directs the development and delivery of Agency leadership development programs. Interfaces with Training Director.

7. Culture and Employee Relations

  • Establishes and oversees a uniform policy for the Agency to ensure that disciplinary actions are implemented in a fair, consistent, and effective manner.
  • Counsels staff, supervisors, and managers in order to resolve problems before the formal grievance or disciplinary process is used.
  • Receives complaints from employees and management and attempts to negotiate resolution of problems outside of the formal grievance process. Ensures that allegations of misconduct are appropriately
  • Directs the investigation of complaints filed within the Agency and charges filed through state and federal Consults with legal counsel. Reviews results and recommends a course of action.

8. Compliance, Record-keeping, and Knowledge Management

  • Counsels employees and management on applicable agency rules and state and federal
  • Directs the development of agency policy in various areas of employee relations such as drug testing, employee assistance, sexual harassment,
  • Administers the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) programs for the Agency. Serves as the designated EEO officer for the Agency.
  • Directs the physical maintenance of all personnel records and
  • Interprets Agency rules and regulations and departmental policies and procedures regarding personnel actions for management, employees and applicants.
  • Issues and continuously updates an employee handbook or other communication tool designed to inform employees of Agency operations and

9. Workplace Safety

  • Responsible for OSHA record

Direct Supervisor:

Executive Director

Other Functions:

As directed by Executive Director.