Making a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities for over 50 years.

Looking For More Than a Paycheck?

Whatever your career choice, know that at Waban you can make a difference.

We have a team of exceptional people doing extraordinary work every day, and invite you to join us.

Our members and program participants are at the center of all we do and each staff member – directly or indirectly – plays a vital role in the quality of services.

To help you perform your best, we strive to create and sustain a culture that is marked by:

  • Communication: open and honest
  • Mutual Respect:  an environment filled with respect and value, that nurtures confidence and trust
  • Teamwork:  an atmosphere of collaboration and support
  • Diversity: the richness diverse people and opinions bring to our organization and community
  • Safety:  desire and commitment on maintaining a safe work environment
  • High Quality: clear expectations and established performance standards
  • Investment: ongoing training and development to improve our individual and collective performance
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Benefits Make a Difference

While you probably didn’t get into this field simply for the paycheck, we know that a nice benefits package can help at home!

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See why our staff
loves working at Waban!

Since we have a diverse set of programs to help all people with disabilities, we have the need for talented people in a variety of roles and specialties.

“Waban has given me the opportunity to build on my own professional journey.”

The past 5 years working for Waban has given me the privilege to work with an outstanding team of individuals to enrich the lives of our consumers and share in their successes. It is a rewarding feeling to know that the supports and encouragement you’ve provided have helped others build their independence and achieve their own personal goals. Not only has working at Waban provided me with the opportunity to take part in our consumer’s journeys but Waban has given me the opportunity to build on my own professional journey.

Lynn Buck, Program manager

“Most of all I’ve learned about teamwork and how important it is in work and in life.”

Having been here for a little over 6 months, I have learned so much about life and happiness from staff and clients.  It has given me opportunities and experiences in things I never thought I would ever have. Most of all I’ve learned about teamwork and how important it is in work and in life.

Helen DeGiacomo, Direct support professional

“The services Waban offers to consumers has made it possible for them to flourish as individuals…”

When I first started 12 years ago with Waban, I was unsure if I could do this line of work due to only doing retail and factory work.  Within a few months, I realized that this line of work wasn’t only fun, but was also very rewarding. I work with some great people on staff and have been with a lot of the same consumers for most of my 12 years at Waban.  The services Waban offers to consumers has made it possible for them to flourish as individuals, which has been great to witness and be a part of.

Missy Vigue, Direct support professional

“The highest standards of care for our members…”

I love my job because for the last 29 years I’ve had the opportunity to assist our members to increase their independence and I have felt pride in their accomplishments. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many hard-working and dedicated staff members from upper management to residential administrators and direct support staff, as well as day program staff, all working together to ensure our members have the highest quality of life possible. I have witnessed and been part of Waban’s growth since I was hired in 1988. Waban sets the highest standards of care for our members. Were I to have a family member with a developmental disability, I would want them to be in a Waban program.

Sharon King, Residential program administrator at Waban's Elm Street home

“I feel blessed to be able to share my passion for teaching…”

It amazes me every day what the children learn and how they overcome such challenges. I feel blessed to be able to share my passion for teaching such special children with those at the Fraser-Ford Child Development Center and their families. They have truly taught me to look at the small, simple things in life as you can’t get to the bigger things unless all the small steps are complete. It’s incredible to watch children learn to communicate, start to have social interactions with their teachers and peers, to be able to request a break when feeling overwhelmed. To know that I have helped them in some way do these things makes me forever grateful. I thank Waban for letting me do what I love to do for 10 years now and look forward to many more years here!

Brianne Westman, Special education teacher

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